Forest School

The Forest School programme offers children first hand cross-curricula learning experiences and opportunities to learn about the natural environment, key social and physical skills outside the classroom.

Forest School empowers children to take responsibility for their own learning and development, which encourages emotional growth, self esteem, confidence and independence. At Trinket Box, we believe that all our children should be given the opportunity to take part in a six week programme before going into their reception year at school. Through the programme children will become more familiar with the outdoor learning areas on the Greenways site.

In addition children will be shown how to use tools in a safe and controlled manner that can only be used as part of Forest School. Depending on their age of the group and their ability, will determine which tools may be demonstrated and/or used. Within a typical Forest School there is a fire circle, where children can learn about the dangers of fire, safety procedures and in the longer term, begin to cook with an open fire.

Forest School sessions are available to our school leaving age range, however, we do at some times of the year offer Forest School taster sessions for our over 3’s (this would be at a nominal charge).

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